Historic Preservation Library

Building Economics

Name Format Size Publish Date
Economic Impact of Federal Facilities on CBDs PDF 1771k  
The Economics of Preserving Historic Federal Buildings Word 37k  

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Executive Order 13006

Name Format Size Publish Date
Fact Sheet Executive Order 13006 PDF 3107k  
Real Estate Compliance Checklist Executive Order 13006 Word 55k  

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Name Format Size Publish Date
GSA Historic Buildings Leasing Report PDF 1681k  
GSA Historic Property Leasing Price Preference 48 CFR Part 552 PDF 291k  
Lease Solicitation Clauses Word 31k  

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Name Format Size Publish Date
Architecture of the Great Society Assessing GSA's buildings constructed during the 1960s and 1970s. PDF 1338k  
Byron G. Rogers Federal Office Building and Courthouse Case Study Word 763k  
GEM Assessment Tool Published as part of Growth, Efficiency, and Modernism PDF 492k  
Growth, Efficiency, and Modernism: GSA Buildings of the 50s, 60s and 1970s PDF 6393k 3/25/2006

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Preservation Desk Guide

Name Format Size Publish Date
Preservation Desk Guide - Index Word 208k  
Preservation Desk Guide - Table of Contents Word 238k  

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Project Management Tools

Name Format Size Publish Date
106 Compliance Requirements for Buildings Under 50 Word 32k  
Budgeting for Section 106 Compliance Word 39k  
Competency Specification for Preservation Construction Contractors Word 279k  
Courthouse Project Decision Tree PDF 333k  
Historic Building Projects Decision Tree PDF 318k  
Preservation Design and 106 Compliance Scope of Work Word 44k  
Project Manager's Checklist Word 42k  
Qualification Requirements for Preservation Architects and Other Specialists Word 51k  
Section 106 Compliance Report Template Word 24k  
Site Solicitation Clause for NHPA and E.O. 13006 Compliance Placement Word 23k  

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Name Format Size Publish Date
Extending the Legacy GSA Historic Building Stewardship PDF 4811k 12/1/2004
Extending the Legacy GSA Historic Building Stewardship 2008 PDF 8190k 11/1/2008
Held in Public Trust PBS Strategy for Using Historic Buildings PDF 11665k 1/1/1999

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Technical Resources

Name Format Size Publish Date
Fire Safety Retrofit PDF 2023k  
First Impressions at Historic Buildings PDF 381k  
HVAC Upgrades in Historic Buildings PDF 573k 4/1/2009
Historic Building Roofing PDF 435k 4/1/2009
Interior Signage for Historic Buildings PDF 379k  
Perimeter Security for Historic Buildings Technical Pilot PDF 2403k  
Upgrading Historic Building Lighting PDF 741k 4/1/2009
Upgrading Historic Building Windows PDF 803k 4/1/2009

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