What's Green

GSA provides more "green" furniture options, furnishings and services on contract than ever before. A wide range of GSA vendors have dedicated innovative corporate resources in order to provide a wide array of quality, environmentally sensitive products. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Schedule 36 has added language to the contract to ensure that all copiers are Energy Star compliant. Non Energy Star copiers are no longer acceptable.
  • There is flooring that conserves resources by using 100 percent renewable ingredients like linoleum.
  • Recycled content vinyl composition tiles were recognized in the 1997 State of New Jersey's Recycling Award.
  • Some vendors have used reclaimed carpet to create vinyl backing for their carpet—which can then be reclaimed at the end of its life cycle and again re-manufactured into backing for new carpet—creating a closed loop system for resources.
  • Thousands of budget dollars can be saved with office workstations in which pre-owned systems panels and components are re-manufactured to "like new" condition.
  • New products made with 100 percent recyclable materials, such as aluminum.
  • Task lighting with occupancy sensors that can reduce energy consumption.
  • Many of GSA vendors supply table lamps and other products that accept the energy saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's)—certified allies of EPA's "Green Lights" Program.
  • Energy-saving window coverings include see-through shading systems that let in the light, but not the summer heat.

It doesn't stop there. Think about greening your services contracts as well:

  • Furniture and furnishings investments can remain looking great with services that are environmentally friendly. Suppliers perform a wide variety of services to extend the useful life of furniture and furnishings (carpet and draperies), thus keeping it out of the landfill.
  • Suppliers provide services such as restoring, repairing, renovating, reupholstering and cleaning—onsite or at the supplier's facility—using nontoxic, odorless refinishing and cleaning solutions.
  • Cleaning processes help agencies not only reduce replacement costs but also improve indoor air quality by removing significant allergenic pollutants.
  • Your agency's green purchasing plan should provide information on how to report your green purchases in order to get credit for them.

Take a look at the search capability in GSAAdvantage!® and GSA eLibrary for environmentally friendly products and services.

Also, check out what's happening at the Office of Federal Sustainability.


Last Reviewed 2016-12-01