American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  • 1800 F Street: Phase I Modernization
  • Lafayette Building - Phase I Modernization
  • Mary E. Switzer Building Modernization Department of the Interior Wing 2, Phase 5 - Modernization
  • Department of Commerce Herbert C. Hoover Building Modernization
  • Harry S. Truman Building Modernization
  • Department of Homeland Security Consolidation and Development of St. Elizabeth's Campus

Julia E. Hudson, Regional Administrator

Welcome to the National Capital Region (NCR) of the U.S. General Services Administration, where our team is dedicated to providing superior support to the federal government in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. NCR is responsible for supporting the workplace needs through the acquisition of office space, equipment, telecommunications and information technology.

NCR’s Public Buildings Service (PBS) employees manage, build, construct and lease over 100 million square feet of federal workspace. This portfolio comprises 42 million square feet of owned space, and 58 million square feet of leased space. Currently, PBS oversees the new U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security Headquarters project, the largest construction project in the country. Inherently, PBS continues to be a worldwide force for innovation in commercial real estate.

NCR’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) provides goods and services to federal agencies. As the largest regional FAS operation in GSA, our client base consists of approximately 800,000 users. This client base is supported by the Assisted Acquisition, Network Services, Personal Property and Fleet divisions.  These business lines provide complete customer solutions for products and services, technology, procurement, motor vehicle management and personal property disposal for GSA and other federal agencies throughout the National Capital Region. 

The National Capital Region encourages you to visit our site and know that we stand ready to assist you.

Last Reviewed 2016-01-27