Office and Administrative Services Overview

GSA offers a variety of office support services to assist you with your day-to-day business operations. These services can be purchased online from GSAAdvantage!®, GSA's online transactional website.

There are several Schedules that provide you with access to office and administrative support services to assist you in meeting agency goals and objectives, such as:

  • Schedule 738X offers Human Resource and EEO Services, that include, but are not limited to, planning analysis, HR specific training, and general support services. You can also purchase such EEO Services as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Final Agency Decision (FAD) recommendation services.
  • Schedule 76 offers you online publication services that assist with their publication media needs by offering online lending library, and periodical and subscription services. There is also an online bookselling service that allows you to shop for books on the vendor's website, using a government issued credit card to receive GSA pricing.
  • Schedule 67 offers photographic services that include photo processing, photo finishing, as well as other services provided under Special Item Number (SIN) 19-100Photographic Services and Solutions. This Schedule also offers product support services via SIN 262-53.

The latest version of the solicitation for each of these Schedules can be obtained from GSA's Federal Business Opportunities website.

To find out more about these Schedules, visit GSA eLibrary, GSA's online library of Schedule information, or contact the Northeast and Caribbean Supply and Acquisition Center at (212) 264-0868.

Last Reviewed 2016-02-11