Information Resources Management and Analytics

GSA provides common strategies to improve the value and delivery of electronic services to businesses and government constituents.

GSA provides subject matter expertise and thought leadership to:

  • Guide and influence the strategic direction of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) program
  • Enable agencies to share and/or reuse common business processes, information holdings, service components and technology standards through a coordinated source of guidance, standards, and information;
  • Facilitate consensus building on information resources management (IRM) and architecture issues;
  • Serve as a government wide sponsor for common protocols, standards, tools, processes and best practices to achieve FEA objectives;
  • Influence the development of appropriate international standards to reflect U.S. government needs, and promote their policy-level implementation with appropriate organizations and governance bodies such as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee of the Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC); and
  • Ensure alignment of government wide policy with the evolving needs of the FEA.



Last Reviewed 2017-02-27