Property Management Services in NCR

For any facility related questions, concerns or requests, clients should contact the appropriate NCR Service Center Representative, listed in the NCR Service Center Directory, or browse the links below to learn more.

Property management services provided include:

• Building management, operations, maintenance, and repairs
• Child care facilities
• Cleaning and custodial services
• Concessions and vending machines
• Disposal of excess furniture, equipment and technology
• Energy conservation 
• Fire alarm and suppression systems
• Landscape architecture and management
• Masonry installation and repair
• Pest management
• Recycling
• Safety
• Snow removal
• Space alterations
• Steamed and chilled water for heating and cooling
• Switchgear and high voltage work
• Waste management

GSA cares about providing comfortable, safe, and productive workplaces for federal workers, while maintaining federal buildings to provide the best return to taxpayers.

As the largest commercial property owner in the nation’s capital, GSA’s Public Buildings Service in the National Capital Region (NCR) provides comprehensive property management services for a real estate portfolio comprising 86 million square feet of owned and leased space.

While there are many different specialties involved in GSA’s real property management service, they all work together behind the scenes to provide seamless, integrated service to agency clients.

Last Reviewed 2017-06-22