Historic Building Film Series

GSA production team interviews Victor Lundy at his studio in Houston

Since 2002, the GSA Historic Building Film Series has documented preservation in action at properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Funded with revenue generated from leasing underutilized space in historic buildings to nonfederal entities, the films are part of GSA's efforts to support Executive Order 13287, Preserve America, which encourages Americans to discover and enjoy our nation's heritage.  In addition to exploring the history and significance of each highlighted building, these documentaries record rehabilitation work in progress and include interviews with architects and project managers.  The detailed visual documentation becomes part of the historical record to guide future preservation and stewardship decisions.

Films highlighting ten of GSA’s more than two hundred legacy buildings have been completed under this educational outreach and building documentation initiative.  The most recent release, Victor A. Lundy: Sculptor of Space captures the recollections of the original architect for the GSA National Register-listed U.S. Tax Court Building in Washington D.C.  

The series is produced by the GSA Office of Communications for the GSA Center for Historic Buildings, Office of the Chief Architect, Public Buildings Service.

Completed programs feature the following buildings:

Howard M. Metzenbaum U.S. Courthouse, Cleveland, Ohio

Byron R. White U.S. Courthouse, Denver, Colorado

Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House, Louisville, Kentucky

Pioneer Courthouse, Portland, Oregon

U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, New York, New York

U.S. Courthouse, Natchez, Mississippi

John W. McCormack U.S. Post Office and Courthouse

U.S. Custom House, New Orleans, Louisiana

U.S. Tax Court Building, Washington, District of Columbia

GSA's historic building documentaries have won multiple awards from the film and communications industries:

  • 2004 National Association of Government Communicators Gold Screen Award - Louisville
  • 2005 Telly Awards: 3 Bronze, 1 Silver - Louisville
  • 2005 Aurora Award - Louisville
  • 2006 Telly Awards: 2 Bronze, 1 Silver – Pioneer
  • 2007 National Association of Government Communicators Gold Screen Award - Portland
  • 2014 Telly Awards - Victor Lundy

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Last Reviewed 2015-03-11