Office of Information Technology Category

Headed by Assistant Commissioner Mary Davie, the Office of Information Technology Category (ITC) within the Federal Acquisition Service is responsible for providing access to best-value information technology (IT) and telecommunications products, services, and solutions to federal, state, local, and tribal government organizations.

Supports government’s ability to save money on technology and reduces procurement time
ITC's contracts reduce or remove the need for government agencies to duplicate acquisition efforts so they can focus on their core missions. Our programs are designed to speed up the acquisition cycle and harness the government's buying power, to help government save money on the technology they need.

ITC also leads initiatives in researching emerging technologies that may help or impact the federal government's priorities and objectives. ITC's vision is to excel at providing customers easy access to IT solutions through quality industry partners to fulfill government mission requirements.

Listed below are the groups that report to the Assistant Commissioner:

Office of Strategic Programs (OSP)

Director Bill Zielinski oversees the Center for Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) programs and the Center for Strategic Solutions and Security Services. He is responsible for these purchasing programs: Alliant, Alliant SB, 8(a) STARS II, the managed service US Access Fedidcard, and several federal strategic sourcing initiatives (FSSI) such as the Cloud EaaS BPAs, the IT Commodity Buy program, and SmartBUY.

Office of IT Schedule Programs

Director Kay Ely oversees IT Schedule 70, the government’s largest acquisition vehicle dedicated to technology and telecommunications solutions.

Office of Network Services Programs

Director Amando Gavino, Jr., oversees Wireless FSSI, Managed Mobility, Networx, NS2020 Strategy, Federal Relay, Connections II, many Satellite Communications (SATCOM) programs, local telecommunications services contracts, and program leadership across the 11 regional Network Services organizations.

Office of Acquisition Operations

Director Michael McFarland oversees acquisition activities. The Office of Acquisition Operations guides clients and customers on a wide range of contractual issues, and ensures acquisition vehicles adhere to federal regulations and policies. Providing scope reviews and post-award contract administration, it also performs acquisitions for complex telecommunications, cloud services, and other IT requirements, including Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) and IT acquisitions under the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative. It also provides Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training, as well as other training on ITC acquisition vehicles.

Office of Planning and Portfolio Management

Director Mary Portko oversees offices that assist the ITC business portfolios by providing software development, website management, and social media and communications support. It also enhances customer engagement, conducts surveys and publishes statistical reports and metrics.

Management and Program Support

Headed by Director Bruce Caughman, this group supports the ITC business portfolios listed above with facilities management; manages ITC University; and managing staffing, training and administration resources.

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