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Per Diem Rates

Allowances for lodging, meal and incidental costs while on official government travel.

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Meals & Incidental Expenses

This table lists the six M&IE tiers in the lower 48 continental United States. Use the Per Diem rates tab above to look up a travel location and find its total M&IE. Locate that amount in the first "Total" column of the table below. The corresponding row provides specific meal breakdowns for the tier. The portion of the M&IE rate provided for incidental expenses is currently $5 for all tiers.

Total Breakfast Lunch Dinner IE
$51 $11 $12 $23 $5
$54 $12 $13 $24 $5
$59 $13 $15 $26 $5
$64 $15 $16 $28 $5
$69 $16 $17 $31 $5
$74 $17 $18 $34 $5

Refer to the breakdown of FY 2017 meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) for full details on current federal allowances in the continental United States.

City Pair Airfares

Visit City Pair Program to learn about its competitive, federally-negotiated airline rates for over 7,500 domestic and international cities.

Search the Airline City Pair database directly to look up airfares (Chrome browsers may not be compatible.) Airfares are listed as one-way to allow for multiple destinations, and airfares are valid in either direction. Domestic airfares include taxes, but not additional fuel, facility, and other fees. International airfares are exclusive of taxes and additional fees.

GSA Lodging Programs

Shop for lodging at competitive, often below-market hotel rates negotiated by the federal government.

FedRooms provides federal travelers on official business with FTR compliant hotel rooms for transient and extended stays (up to 29 days). The program uses FEMA and ADA-compliant rooms with flexible booking terms at or below per diem rates.

Visit GSALodging for more details on FedRooms and for additional programs offering meeting space, long term lodging, and emergency lodging.

Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Rates
Modes of Transportation Effective/Applicability Date Rate per mile
Privately Owned Automobile* January 1, 2017 $0.535
Government-furnished automobile January 1, 2017 $0.17
Motorcycle January 1, 2017 $0.505
Airplane January 1, 2017 $1.15

* Use must be authorized or no Government-furnished automobile available

Visit Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage reimbursement rates for official government travel requirements and details on calculating reimbursement.

Last Reviewed 2016-12-27
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