Who Are We Seeking

Federal Employees & Recent Retirees

You’ve already gained a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise with regard to the functions and process that define the everyday business of the federal government. We value those experiences and best practices. Put your knowledge and experience to work for us!

Private Sector Employees

You’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience related to private industry and its best practices. We interact with thousands of private industry companies in real estate, acquisition and information technology products and services business lines. We are always seeking the right talent in these areas to bring their expertise to the public sector. You are who we are looking for to adapt private industry best practices within the government! Put your best practices to work for us!

Veterans, Persons with DisABILITIES, Peace Corps Volunteers/Staff & More!


You’ve gained experience and expertise in a military role that has uniquely qualified you to serve. Continue your service--join our team and work with our diverse group of customers, which include our nation’s military services, other federal agencies and private-sector companies. We provide a variety of acquisition, supply, information technology, building and space management services. Put your expertise to work for us! Apply for jobs on USAJOBS.

Persons with DisABILITIES

A disABILITY should never stop you from serving your country. We value our employees not only for their diversity but the unique experiences, expertise, skills and abilities they bring to our organization and the customers that we serve. Put your abilities to work for us! Apply for jobs on USAJOBS.

Peace Corps / Americorps / VISTA

You’ve voluntarily chosen to serve across America and overseas and have developed unique experiences that can be put to great use with our organization. We value those who choose to serve and want to provide them new avenues to add to their experiences, expertise, skills and abilities. Continue to answer your call to service and work for us! Apply for jobs on USAJOBS.


Last Reviewed 2017-07-10