Network Management SmartBUY Agreements

Network management tools and applications monitor an organization’s computer networks and effectively manage, control, and protect its IT assets. GSA has agreements with the following companies for network management software:

Note: Some of the links below go to nongovernment commercial sites.

Reseller: DLT Solutions Inc.  - BDNA Corporation's software enables government agencies and business customers to reduce IT maintenance and operations costs, free dollars to increase investments in new technology, manage regulatory compliance, attest to IT software and hardware assets, and align IT with business needs.

Reseller: Belarc, Inc. - Belarc's software allows users to simplify and automate the management of all IT systems, using a central repository consisting of detailed software, hardware and security configurations. Vulnerability assessments of IT systems can also be performed to check security policies and configuration settings.

Reseller: Carahsoft Technology Corp. - VMware provides cloud infrastructure and virtualization solutions that help reduce an organization’s IT complexity. VMware enables IT efficiencies via network consolidation, energy reduction, and physical space optimization solutions.

Reseller: DLT Solutions, Inc. - DLT Solutions provides a set of solutions to reduce system downtime, optimize application performance and provide dynamic visibility into IT infrastructure.

Last Reviewed 2016-11-30