Office Operations

In order to carryout successful missions, the office environment must remain productive and efficient. Utilize GSA's Multiple Award Schedules for direct delivery of millions of high-quality supplies and services. GSA helps make procurement simple and compliant, providing peace of mind to focus on work while providing easy access to everything the office needs ... all from one source.


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Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
GSA gives you access to advertising, public relations, specialized marketing and graphic design services.


Cleaning products

Food Service, Hospitality and Cleaning Supplies
GSA offers a wide variety of cleaning agents and disinfectants, hospitality supplies, and food service equipment.


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Document Handling, Audio, Video and Subscriptions
GSA has office imaging and document solutions, audio/video services, and subscriptions and leasing for various media services.


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Furniture Management
GSA provides solutions for the design, configuration and management of work environments.


Engineer inspecting

Security and Law Enforcement
GSA has a range of solutions for protecting ports, patrolling buildings and parks, and preventing crime.


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Shipping, Packaging and Packing Supplies
GSA has bags, bottles, jars, and crates, as well as cargo drums, pallets and strap containers to assist customers.




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Audio, Visual and Photographic Supplies & Equipment
GSA provides audio and video equipment, closed circuit/surveillance equipment, cameras, photo lab supplies, and web image storage.


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Furniture and Furnishings
Customers can buy everything from paintings, lamps and window shades, to conference tables and filing systems through GSA.


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Hospitality, Food Service, Personal Care Supplies and Equipment
Housewares, uniforms, linens, etc. for hospitality and lodging are available, as well as barber supplies, shampoo, and toothpaste.


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Office Management
GSA provides essential day-to-day supplies, business machines, computer products, and office operating products.


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Sports, Recreation and Promotional Equipment
GSA provides a wide range of recreational, athletic and fitness equipment, as well as trophies and promotional items.


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Training Aids and Devices [PDF - 132 KB]
GSA offers hands-on and computer training devices, instructional material, reference guides, multi-media kits, and medical models and simulators.

Last Reviewed 2017-04-18