How to Order from Connections II

Ordering Choices

Contract Associated Government Fee*

Compete and award your own agency task orders

1. Agency Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) must fill out the Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) form
2. Follow your agency-specific policies for issuing orders.
3. Assess your agency’s requirements:

4. Develop the Statement of Work:

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5. Issue the solicitation per Fair Opportunity Guidance:

  • Ensure fair opportunity is in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR Part 16.505.
  • Consider all 21 Connections II contractors unless your agency is performing a small business set-aside. Nine (9) of the contractors are small businesses. Two (2) are SDVOSB.
  • Email your SOW, SOO, or BOM to the 21 connections II contractors (copy email addresses from the Industry Partners page and paste them into your email) or,
  • eBuy posting of your RFQs and RFPs.
  • Only consider contractors who respond.

6. Evaluate proposals:

  • Use the Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) checker to verify Connections II contract pricing for pre-priced labor and equipment.
  • For un-priced items within scope, request contractors to add them to the contract during the proposal process, or assess un-priced CLINs as fair and reasonable at the task order level.

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7. Make the award and manage the task order:

  • Negotiate prices and use best practices to effectively manage the contract.

Let GSA assist with ordering

Contact your GSA customer service representative for ordering assistance. This allows more time to focus on your agency’s mission.

Contract Associated Government Fee

The Connections II contract Associated Government Fee (the Contract Access Fee) is 1.5 percent. Two options exist for reducing the fee. The first is a fee cap based on a single large task order with over $10 Million/year in planned obligations. The second is a tiered-fee structure for use with multiple task orders that add up to significant levels of obligations per year. Both fee options are explained further in two memos on the Resources webpage.

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Last Reviewed 2016-12-20