Federal Acquisition Service Customer Service Directors


Areas of Responsibility Meet Our Customers Service Director Contact Information
  • State and Local Government in New York / New Jersey / Puerto Rico  
John Marrone John Marrone
(347) 621-8515
  • Federal Agencies in New York, Long Island, West Point, Puerto Rico / Virgin Islands, Lakehurst, and the Joint Base
  • Fleet & Global Supply Liaison
  • New York City
Debbie Paralemos Debbie Paralemos
(646) 831-4000
  • Federal Agencies in Southern New Jersey and Aberdeen Proving Ground 
  • Picatinny Arsenal
  • Assisted Acquisition Services Liaison
Andy Kirkpatrick Andy Kirkpatrick
(212) 577-8677
  • State or Region:  New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
  • Serves All Federal  
Tommy Tran Tommy Tran
(212) 264-7187
(732) 284-1881 (Cell)


Last Reviewed 2016-03-18