Name Format Size
Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities: Strategies and Approaches for Transformational Change (2011) HTML N/A
The Benefits and Challenges of Green Roofs on Public and Commercial Buildings PDF 9MB
Deep Energy Retrofits in GSA Buildings: Charrette Report #2 PDF 11.5MB
Deep Energy Retrofits Using ESPC PDF 6.31MB
Energy Efficiency Guide for Existing Commercial Buildings:  Technical Implementation HTML N/A
Energy Savings From GSA's National Deep Energy Retrofit Program PDF 641.89 KB
Expanding our Approach to Sustainable Design (2006) PDF 3MB
Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act Core Competencies (2012) PDF 285KB
Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act Recommended Curriculum (2012) PDF 136KB
Green Building Certification Systems Review Appendices PDF 1.98 MB
Green Building Certification Systems Review PDF 576.19 KB
GSA Leased Asset GHG Guidance PDF 773.92 KB
GSA Net Zero Renovation Challenge Charrette HTML N/A
Integration at its Finest: Success in High-Performance Building Design and Project Delivery in the Federal Sector PDF 16 MB
Putting Energy Research into Practice (2011) HTML N/A
Submetering of Building Energy and Water Usage – National Science and Technology Council, Committee on Technology PDF 3.2MB
Sustainability Matters (2008) PDF 11MB
Sustainable Building Rating Systems Summary (2006) PDF 581KB

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