What is Fitwel?

  • Fitwel is a building-certification program designed to positively impact employee productivity and health through targeted improvements to the built environment.

Why Should I Use Fitwel?

  • American workers spend over 1,700 hours a year on their jobs.
  • There is a growing market demand for buildings and communities designed with a wellness focus.
  • Rising health care costs have been reported as the top economic concern for chief financial officers (CFO's) for the past three years.
  • Employers are looking for solutions, such as wellness-promotion programs, that offset these costs.
  • The Fitwel rating system is designed to use field-tested standards to rate facilities on how well they support health and wellness.   Fitwel's low-cost yet high-impact operating model assesses physical components, like stairwells and outdoor spaces, as well as policies, like vending machines containing healthy foods or indoor clean air standards.

How Do I Get My Facility Fitwel Certified?

  • Fitwel's responsive web site, one that is compatible with smart phones, tablets, and computers, has been developed and once launched will allow for quick and easy assessment of the health-supporting aspects of a facility by filling out a simple scorecard.

When Can I Begin?

  • Launch of the Fitwel program is anticipated in 2016.


Last Reviewed 2016-04-26