Architecture and Design

Noyes, Minnesota front elevation
U.S. Border Inspection Station
Noyes, Minnesota

U.S. border inspection stations represent an important and distinguishable series of property types related by function, location, chronological era, and design characteristics. The common design was based on a series of three basic plans that varied according to the specific size and function of the station and recommendations by the bureaus of customs and immigration. They were developed and designed by the Supervising Architect of the Treasury, either James Wetmore or Louis A. Simon. The Treasury Department‘s design for stations of all property types varied according to the region and climate, with the department employing Colonial Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Pueblo Revival, (Naco, AZ, is the only one), or Log Cabin styles (not designed by the Supervising Architect of the Treasury). However, an occasional Colonial Revival border inspection station was constructed in the southwest.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-25