Quick Guide to Resources for Small Business

Review these helpful handouts (downloadable as PDFs) and webpages to learn more about selling to GSA. 

Small Business First [PDF - 206.79 KB]
This quick guide has been provided to make it easier for small businesses to have the resources they need right at their fingertips.

SBA Certifications

All small business certifications required by GSA must be processed through the Small Business Administration. Learn more here.

Is GSA Right for You? [PDF - 629.04 KB]
GSA looks for: product and service match, budget, best value.

Do You Know How to Do Business with GSA? [PDF - 145.53 KB]
Small business set-asides, partnerships with other businesses, and mentor-protege relationships can help small businesses get business.   

Are You Considering Pursuing a GSA Schedule? [PDF - 135.74 KB]
Review this helpful checklist before you decide to pursue federal business. 

What Impacts Buying Decisions?  [PDF - 123.70 KB]
Regulations and policies, new technology demands, and executive orders: all may affect federal acquisition. 

What is Sustainable Acquisition?  [PDF - 347.46 KB]
Overview of products, services, and policies.

What is Category Management? [PDF - 211.65 KB]
Category management organizes products and services into logical groupings so the government can buy more like a single enterprise.

Category Management Blogs

Information to keep you up to date on changes and initiatives in category management.

What is Suspension & Debarment? [PDF -  29.51 KB]
Suspension and Debarment protects the federal government from fraud, waste and abuse by using a number of tools to avoid doing business with non-responsible contractors.

SAM Registration is Free: Be Careful What You Pay For (Article from the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers)
There is NEVER a fee to register as a government contractor. And there is free and low-cost help available to get you through the process.

IT Security Awareness Policy and Training for Contractors

This webpage provides the security and training requirements that contractors must comply with whens special clauses are included in a solicitation and or contract that relate to security, privacy and safeguarding sensitive information.


Last Reviewed 2016-07-05