Office of Evaluation Sciences

The Office of Evaluation Sciences (OES) translates insights from the social and behavioral sciences into concrete recommendations for how to improve Federal programs, policies, and operations. The team has a diverse scientific background, drawn from fields such as psychology, economics, and statistics, and brings experience testing program impacts in complex settings.

Our Work:

The Office of Evaluation Sciences team:

  • Identifies how applications of behavioral insights can help an agency achieve its goals with greater success and efficiency, drawing on external research, best practices, and academic experts;
  • Identifies opportunities for rigorous, rapid pilot testing that quantifies the impact of these insights on outcomes of interest (e.g., increased enrollment in a program, dollars saved, etc.);
  • Provides conceptual and technical support on how best to design, implement, and analyze the pilot, including assisting with research design, regulatory clearance, and data analysis; and,
  • Reports on the findings and implications of these results, including scale-up potential, for both public policy and academic audiences.

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Last Reviewed 2017-02-10