FAQs for Agencies

GSA’s new Transportation Management Solution (TMS), also known as TransPort Integrator, is a well established and proven Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product powered by JDA Software Group Inc. It has been in use for over 25 years, with more than 250 implementations across retail, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. GSA has partnered with IBM to provide this offering in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model hosted on IBM's Federal Community Cloud (FCC).
GSA's Center for Transportation Management (QMCC) offers freight and household goods transportation services to federal civilian agencies, and is the sole agency mandated to procure and negotiate transportation rates on behalf of all federal civilian agencies. Implemented in the spring of 2012, TransPort Integrator enables GSA to offer its customers the ability to rate, rate shop, offer, execute, and manage freight shipments; rate shop for small parcels; and perform a freight auction for spot-rate/bid shipments. It also provides access to distributed information and advanced analytic solutions.

TransPort Integrator will enable your organization to:

  • Implement industry leading technology and practices;
  • Automate and streamline the end to end transportation process from shipment creation through execution and invoice payment with PayPort Express integration;
  • Pay Retire proprietary systems and eliminate the associated maintenance and operating costs;
  • Utilize GSA negotiated rates at no additional cost; and
  • Improve transportation management with increased transit visibility, automated event notifications and alerting, and robust reporting.

With the TransPort Integrator solution, customers will experience the following operational improvements:

  • Rate shop for best value TSPs;
  • Minimize manual processes with automated shipment offers and electronic communication;
  • Increase transit visibility;
  • Control costs and increase visibility into shipment charges by electronically adding unplanned accessorials to the bill of lading (BOL);
  • Access enhanced transaction detail, improving your ability to conduct a prepayment audit and make the records available for GSA’s post payment audit;
  • Improve overall transportation management with robust reporting; and
  • Streamline the payment process through integration with PayPort Express.

TransPort Integrator utilizes GSA negotiated transportation rates, which are up to 51.9 percent less than commercial costs per shipment (July 2011, Runzheimer Report). There is no cost for customers to use TransPort Integrator. You can retire proprietary transportation systems and eliminate the costs associated with maintaining and operating these systems.

TransPort Integrator optimizes load planning, scheduling, rating and routing for savings in transportation spend. A load is freight moving from one or more points to one or more points. It is made up of one or more shipment legs.

Customers will also realize a reduction in time spent performing manual or less effective processes. For example, customers can:

  • Communicate electronically with TSPs to offer shipments, reducing the time consuming process of manually offering shipments via phone;
  • Receive automated event notifications and alerts and view shipment status electronically, further reducing manual communications with TSPs; and
  • Electronically modify and reissue the bill of lading during execution, which eliminates the need for manual updates with hard copy attachments, and also provides the customer with enhanced transaction detail for pre-payment audits.
There is no cost for participating federal civilian agencies to use TransPort Integrator.

The activities surrounding the implementation of TransPort Integrator will vary for each customer depending on a number of factors, particularly if there will be integration with other systems.

If you are a customer considering TransPort Integrator, GSA and Team IBM will meet with you to perform an assessment of your agency’s current transportation program and processes. If no integration is required, onboarding is a fairly quick and simple process and will primarily include user profile set-up and training. If integration is required, GSA, your agency, and Team IBM will jointly determine the level of effort and a timeline for integration.

GSA will conduct role-specific training in which end users are taught only the functions they need to know to perform their jobs.

Training will be delivered in the classroom or via web conference. In person classroom training is the preferred method of delivery. However, online web conferencing is a viable option for less complicated roles.

Users are also provided with the following role-specific training material: work instructions, classroom training presentations, process flows, and quick reference guides.

GSA will typically conduct training two (2) weeks before the agency’s go-live date, but this is subject to change depending on the number of users that must be trained.

For more information on training, email transportation.programs@gsa.gov

TransPort Integrator will have functionality similar to TMSS, but will offer more enhanced functionality and features, some examples include the ability to:

  • Input dimensions (length, width, height), container and item-level detail.
  • Consolidate multiple shipments into one load. A load is a freight moving from one or more points to one or more points. It is made up of one or more shipments legs.
  • Set up plans so shipment legs can be grouped temporarily for load planning.
  • Pickup windows, specifying the earliest and latest pickup date/time.
  • Deliver windows specifying the earliest and latest pickup date/time. A shipment offer will timeout if a TSP does not accept or reject an offer within two hours.
  • Be notified of rejected shipment/tenders that have timed out, or have TransPort Integrator automatically tender the shipment to the next best-value TSP.
  • Add unplanned accessorials (i.e. demurrage) until the Proof of Delivery (POD).
  • Automatically send the BOL to PayPort Express.

TransPort Integrator will help TSPs to better plan their transportation services and receive payment of invoices more quickly.

More specifically, TransPort Integrator supports the input of detailed shipping information such as accessorials, business hours, pickup and delivery dates so that the TSPs have a better understanding of customer needs and can therefore improve their transportation planning and execution.

TransPort Integrator also features a new process requiring TSPs to confirm charges upon Proof of Delivery (POD). During this stage of the shipping process, TSPs have the opportunity to work with the agency to get new charges approved and added to the BOL.

This new process promotes consistency between the shipping documentation that TransPort Integrator sends to PayPort Express and the invoice submitted by the TSP, which results in quicker payment of invoices.


If you are interested in singing up for TransPort Integrator, please follow the directions at the following link: https://moveit.gsa.gov:

  1. Select TMSS;
  2. Select “New Federal Customer?"; and 
  3. Select "Register” on the right hand side of the screen.
Last Reviewed 2017-05-04