FAQs for Transportation Service Providers (TSPs)

GSA’s new Transportation Management Solution (TMS), also known as TransPort Integrator (TPI), is a well established and proven Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product powered by JDA Software Group Inc., that has been in use for over 25 years with more than 250 implementations across retail, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. GSA has partnered with IBM to provide this offering in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, hosted on IBM's Federal Community Cloud (FCC).
GSA's Center for Transportation Management offers freight transportation services for federal civilian agencies, and is the sole agency mandated to procure and negotiate transportation rates on behalf of all federal civilian agencies. TransPort Integrator will enable GSA to:
  • Offer transportation service providers the ability to submit rates;
  • Accept or reject shipment offers; and
  • Execute freight shipments.
  • Only access to transportation business with federal civilian agencies once TMSS for motor freight is retired;
  • Receive invoices from TSPs on behalf of the agency customer;
  • Quicker payment of invoices through TransPort Integrator and PayPort Express integration;
  • More streamlined and automated transportation process; and
  • Only avenue to submit rates for the customers that GSA supports through its freight program.

TransPort Integrator features a new process requiring transportation service providers to confirm charges upon proof of delivery. During this stage of the shipping process, TSPs have the opportunity to work with the agency to get new charges approved and added to the Bill of Lading (BOL) after delivery, but before Proof of Delivery (POD). This new process promotes consistency between the shipping documentation that TransPort Integrator sends to PayPort Express and the invoice submitted by the TSP, which results in quicker payment of invoices. 

TransPort Integrator enables transportation service providers to provide electronic, in-transit shipment status updates, which provides customers with increased in-transit visibility and potentially reduces manual shipment status inquiries.

There are no additional costs for using TransPort Integrator beyond the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) which GSA requires for each shipment offered under this Standard Tender of Services (STOS).

GSA will conduct role specific training so that end-users are taught only the functions they need to know to perform their jobs. Training will be delivered in the classroom or via web conference. Users are also provided with the following role specific training material:

  • Work instructions;
  • Classroom training presentations;
  • Process flows; and
  • Quick reference guides.

For information on training email transportation.programs@gsa.gov

If you are a TSP interested in participating in the Freight Management Program (FMP), visit the Freight TSP Approval Requirements page

Last Reviewed 2017-06-07