Travel Reporting Information Profile (TRIP)

TRIP is an annual reporting requirement. All data is due for the previous fiscal year by December 15.


All data entered into the on-line reporting tool, must represent total agency travel expenditures to the greatest extent possible.  This includes all travel performed through ETS vendors, and any travel that has occurred outside ETS vendors.  The report is for summary data only.  If agencies spent $5 million or more for all travel (domestic/international), they must report that travel data to GSA.  If an agency does not spend $5 million in TDY travel it is still required to submit a negative report.  

Detailed transactional data to support the summary should not be submitted.  The data may be obtained through reports from your ETS or TMC providers. 

Data Elements*:

  • Organization (determined by form context):  The organization for which travel data is being reported.  This value is not explicitly specified by the user, but is determined by the system based on the context of the form.
  • Number of Trips (integer):  Number of trips being reported by the organization for the corresponding fiscal year for the selected purpose (see corresponding element below).  A trip is counted if it was funded in the fiscal year of the report, even if the trip bridges fiscal years.  Trips are determined by vouchers, not booked travel.
  • Median Trip Duration (integer):  Number of days required to perform TDY, calculated as the median number of TDY days for each trip, for the selected purpose.
  • Total Travel Cost (integer): Total cost of the travel being reported in US dollars. Costs include all transportation, lodging, M&IE, and all other associated costs such as fees, taxes, currency exchange costs, etc., for all travel for the corresponding purpose.  Does not include travel program overhead costs.
  • Lodging Cost (integer):  Total cost paid for lodging for travel for the corresponding purpose.
  • Travel Purpose (determined by form context):  The purpose of the reported travel broken down by the categories “Employee Emergency”, “Mission (Operation),” “Special Agency Mission,” “Conference (Other Than Training),” “Training”.
Last Reviewed 2016-10-03