HCaTS Training

The HCaTS Program offers a variety of training products developed for different audiences.

  • In person;
  • Webinar; and
  • Conference call.

Before issuing task orders using HCaTS or HCaTS SB, Federal Contracting Officers (COs) must complete the Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training and receive their DPA certification. Training sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are eligible for Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).

What does the DPA training cover? 

  • HCaTS Contract Information;
  • Scope overview;
  • Ordering process;
  • Roles and responsibilities; and
  • HCaTS Resources.

Who can attend the DPA training? (DPA Certificate will be issued only to Contracting Officers.)

  • Training is highly recommended to 1102 personnel;
  • Program Office and Requiring Activities Personnel;
  • Contracting Officers;
  • Contract Review Officials; and
  • Contracting Specialists and CORs.

Request DPA Training:

* If arranging training for a group, please indicate the number of attendees in comment box and let us know if you would like training on-site (minimum of 25 attendees are required).

To view the list of departments and agencies with DPA certified Contracting Officer, see this HCaTS DPA Holders Agencies (June 2017) [XLSX - 12KB]. Also, to review other HCaTS training materials, see “HCaTS Resource Directory”.

Last Reviewed 2017-06-20