Race to Recycle

GSA and EPA representatives greeting tenants and promoting the Race to Recycle competition.On April 21, GSA and EPA kicked off their co-sponsored recycling competition. This eight-week Federal Green Challenge Recycling competition gives tenants of the John F. Kennedy and Thomas P. O'Neill Federal Buildings in Boston a chance to increase their recycling rates and reduce the amount of material sent to landfills. The team with the highest rates at the end of the eight weeks - April 21 through June 16 - will be declared the winner.

The generation and disposal of solid waste represents one of the largest environmental impacts from office buildings. By maximizing recycling and properly managing hazardous and special wastes, the overall impact can be minimized.

Most facilities have implemented recycling programs; however, the degree of implementation varies widely. Where recycling is available, property managers work to maximize recycling quantities and coordinate with contractors and tenants to identify methods to increase recycling to the maximum extent possible.

Last Reviewed 2016-05-06