Plain Writing Act Compliance Report
May 15, 2016

I. Senior Agency Official for Plain Writing:

Name of Senior Agency Official responsible for Plain Writing
Denise T. Roth, Deputy Administrator,

Names of Plain Language coordinators within the agency
Katherine Spivey, Plain Language Launcher, and

II. Explain what specific types of agency communications have you released by making them available in a format that is consistent with the Plain Writing guidelines.

  • Press releases
  • GSA blog

III. Inform agency staff of Plain Writing Act’s requirements:

  • Information on the Act is posted on the agency intranet with shortcut.
  • Plain Language Group on Salesforce Chatter (formed 1/3/2012) over 60 members.
  • The Office of Communications and Marketing produced a electronic signage for our lobby monitors.

IV. Agency provided the following training sessions:

  • National Recruitment Center team - (via telepresence) 4 sessions, 9 people
  • Enterprise Web Management team - 4 sessions, 14 attendees:
  • 462 new hires took the online course at GSA Online University

Digital Gov University (open to GSA and other federal agencies)

GSA's Plain Language Training for 2015
Date Training Type # of Attendees
3/24/15 Intermediate in-person class 10
9/9/15 webinar, web writing 319
10/14/15 basics, in-person class 21
12/10/15 webinar, descriptive link language 210


  • DoD Social Media Managers group
  • Maximus: Plain Talk in Complex Times

V. Ongoing compliance/ sustaining change
Name of agency contact for compliance issues: Denise T. Roth

VI. Agency’s plain writing website
Website address:

VII. Customer Satisfaction Evaluation after Experiencing Plain Writing Communications
In July 2011, we created and posted an email address,, published on our plain language page, In 2015, no one contacted us asking to clarify any page. We did get spam.

Last Reviewed 2017-07-05