Digital screen used for booking a conference room

Technology is the foundation of Total Workplace. It allows for agility in the receiving, processing and sharing of work and ideas both inside and outside of the office. A communications infrastructure that includes wireless LAN, Virtual Private Networks, Voice over Internet Protocol, and Cloud computing makes a mobile, open office environment possible. These types of new technologies allow federal employees to work where they need to work as opposed to where they are supposed to work.

Total Workplace specialists not only will guide agencies through building, design, furniture and technology acquisition, but they can also use their own experiences in deploying the technology that Total Workplace uses to both create savings and increase productivity. They can assist with both decreasing space as needed and increasing utilization of existing space. These specialists can help you at every stage of the technology acquisition process through contracts with knowledgeable suppliers.

Information Technology Commodities

Federal agencies can buy IT commodities such as laptops, servers, and integrated support services faster and at lower prices through GSA.

Workplace Solutions Library

GSA has created the Workplace Solutions Library to help our colleagues think about the way we design, create and use spaces. Our research and pilot projects tell us that you cannot effectively design space or select the right furniture if you do not understand how people work. In terms of how people work, we have seen that many similarities exist within very diverse projects. By capitalizing on these similarities, we can help our colleagues make the best informed and easily justified purchase, whether that is furniture, design, or construction.


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Last Reviewed 2016-06-08