Design Excellence Monograph Library

The Design Excellence Program has produces a set of award-winning publications and monographs.  These publications are available on the website as part of a sustainable initiative.  If you need a hard copy of one of the documents listed, please contact the Design Excellence Program using the contact information on the right.



Name Format Size Publish Date
Sandra Day O'Connor United States Courthouse, Phoenix, AZ PDF 4205k 10/1/2000
Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse, Las Vegas, NV PDF 4745k 10/1/2000
Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse, St. Louis, MO PDF 3651k 7/1/2001
Harvey W. Wiley Federal Building, Food and Drug Administration, College Park, MD PDF 1238k 10/1/2001
Robert C. Byrd United States Courthouse, Charleston, WV PDF 3050k 10/1/2001
United States Courthouse and Federal Building, Central Islip, NY PDF 4144k 10/1/2001
A Model of Excellence, The New Federal Building, San Francisco, CA PDF 3974k 12/1/2001
Robert C. Byrd United States Courthouse and Federal Building, Beckley, WV PDF 4585k 1/1/2002
United States Courthouse, Montgomery, AL PDF 4540k 8/1/2002
Federal Building United States Courthouse, Youngstown, OH PDF 2701k 10/1/2002
John Joseph Moakley Courthouse and Harborpark, Boston, MA PDF 1374k 5/1/2003
Carl B. Stokes United States Courthouse, Cleveland, OH PDF 1954k 12/1/2003
Roman Hruska United States Courthouse, Omaha, NE PDF 1633k 3/1/2004
Oklahoma City Federal Building, Oklahoma City, OK PDF 6831k 5/1/2004
United States Courthouse, Hammond, IN PDF 2372k 6/1/2004
United States Courthouse, Seattle, WA PDF 1140k 9/1/2004
United States Courthouse, Erie, PA PDF 4141k 12/1/2004
United States Courthouse, Gulfport, MS PDF 2524k 5/1/2005
Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse, Denver, CO PDF 2644k 9/1/2005
United States Courthouse, Fresno, CA PDF 3436k 10/1/2005
United States Courthouse, Wheeling, WV PDF 3236k 10/1/2005
Northern United States Border Stations PDF 4833k 1/1/2006
United States Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY PDF 5042k 3/1/2006
William B. Bryant United States Courthouse Annex, Washington DC PDF 7136k 11/1/2006
Wayne Lyman Morse United States Courthouse, Eugene, OR PDF 2651k 1/1/2007
Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States Courthouse, Miami, FL PDF 2344k 2/1/2007
San Francisco Federal Building, San Francisco, CA PDF 3974k 6/1/2007
United States Courthouse, Orlando, FL PDF 1755k 8/1/2007
Richard Sheppard Arnold United States Courthouse and Annex, Little Rock, AR PDF 2398k 9/1/2007
United States Courthouse, Richmond, VA PDF 2604k 9/1/2008
United States Courthouse, Springfield, MA PDF 3917k 9/1/2008
United States Census Bureau Headquarters, Suitland, MD PDF 1723k 10/1/2008
United States Land Port of Entry, Calais, ME PDF 2532k 3/1/2011
United States Land Port of Entry, Warroad, MN PDF 3658k 4/1/2011
United States Courthouse, Jackson, MS PDF 1458k 10/1/2011
United States Courthouse, Buffalo, NY PDF 2073k 3/1/2012
Christopher S. Bond U.S. Courthouse, Jefferson City, MO PDF 1749k 6/1/20013
United States Mission to the United Nations, New York NY PDF 3026k 6/1/2013
Armendariz, St. Courthouse, El Paso, TX and U.S. Courthouse, Las Cruces, NM PDF 8879k 12/1/2013
Salt Lake City United States Courthouse Annex, Salt Lake City, UT PDF 1100k 6/1/2016
Edith Green Wendell Wyatt Federal Building, Portland, OR PDF 1930k 6/15/2017


Other Publications

Name Format Size Publish Date
Vision + Voice: Volume 1 PDF 555k 12/1/2000
Vision + Voice: Volume 2 PDF 806k 9/1/2004
Vision + Voice: Volume 3 PDF 1210k 9/1/2004
Vision + Voice: Volume 4 PDF 2841k 9/1/2015
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