Mid-Atlantic Region Waste Management Requirements

Construction and Demolition Waste Management Requirements 
The Mid-Atlantic Region is also striving to reduce the amount of waste disposed through landfills and incineration on construction and demolition projects.  As part of this effort, it has adopted waste management requirements that have been incorporated into applicable construction and demolition contracts.  These requirements are outlined in the following documents and are applicable if they have been incorporated into a contract.

  • PBS Construction Waste Management and Disposal Specification: This document incorporates PBS’s regional waste diversion requirements for construction or demolition projects, including the submittal of the C&D Waste Management Report.  This document is a template and must be tailored to the project.
  • C&D Waste Management Report: This report requires the contractor to provide information on a construction or demolition contract regarding waste disposal as well as waste diversion through recycling, reuse, or salvaging.


Last Reviewed 2016-04-06