U.S. Office of Personnel Management Project - Boyers, PA

OPM continues to work with GSA to develop OPM’s space-related requirements, in order to determine the best long-term housing strategy for the agency's facility in the Iron Mountain mine, located in Boyers, PA.  

Over the past 40+ years, OPM has occupied space at Iron Mountain.  Since that time, OPM's mission and space needs have changed significantly.  Existing offices within the mine now occupy over 400,000 square feet across six leases, housing approximately 2,000 Federal employees and contractors.  

The collaboration with GSA and other industry experts has helped verify OPM's needs and key workplace characteristics, through the analysis of their mission, business processes, space standards, and future goals.  The team has determined the most effective and efficient solution for OPM's long-term housing needs is to move operations from the mine.

In late fall, GSA anticipates releasing an advertisement requesting Expressions of Interest for land to build an above-ground office and storage facility to replace OPM's leased space in Iron Mountain.  GSA will receive and review all submissions to ensure the sites provide sufficient developable land for the new building and on-site parking.  This is a lengthy process, which involves complex reviews that include but are not limited to environmental impact and traffic studies, coordination with local community leaders, and analysis of infrastructure support (e.g., electric, water, and sewage).  Typically, site selection and purchase of land for a project of this magnitude can at a minimum take nine to 12 months to complete.  Throughout this process, GSA will continue to work closely with OPM.

The geographic area OPM is pursuing - the delineated area (see below) - includes most of Butler County, and portions of Beaver and Lawrence counties.  The delineated area was designed to maintain the existing workforce, minimize operational disruption, remain within the existing locality pay band, and maximize competition within the market.  The actual location within the delineated area will be determined by a competitive acquisition process.

In conjunction with the advertisement, GSA will begin reaching out to local economic development groups in Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties for input on current and future activities in their areas.  

As the project moves forward, updates will be provided on this page.

Last Reviewed 2016-10-12