FED-STD-595C - Color Standards


GSA no longer stores or distributes color media related to FED-STD-595, “Colors Used in Government Procurement”. All media (color chips, fandecks, etc.) have been discontinued by GSA but may still be available from commercial sources.

Federal Standard 595, “Colors Used in Government Procurement” and associated FED-STD-595 color reference chips and related supporting material have been discontinued. The Federal Standard is being replaced by SAE Standard AMS-STD-595 of the same title. In addition, SAE has published new color chips and other related media to support the new AMS Standard.

SAE’s AMS G8 Aerospace Organic Coatings Committee [a nongovernment website] will manage the new AMS Standard. An initial SAE AMS-STD-595 is already available and the committee is currently finalizing a new revision to AMS-STD-595 (AMS-STD-595A) that is projected to be published August 31, 2016. A process has also been established by the committee to accept requests for new colors [DOCX - 14 KB]. Note: New colors should be requested by or sponsored by a Government Office.

Coordination is underway in ASSIST to cancel Federal Standard 595 and associated color slash-sheets and supersede the standard with SAE AMS STD 595 once the revision is available. The Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO) also plans to issue a formal adoption of the SAE AMS STD 595 once the revision is published.

For more information on how to purchase the standard and how to purchase the new associated color chips, see AMS STD 595 details [a nongovernment website] on the SAE International website. 

To view the associated cancellation notice for Federal Standard 595 once cancelled, or the SAE-AMS STD 595 Adoption Notice once published, please visit ASSIST Quicksearch and search by document number “595”.

The shortcut for this page is www.gsa.gov/colorstd.

Last Reviewed 2016-07-08