13 Works of Art on Loan from the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (CSFAC)

You have to A-S-K to G-E-T. Recently, former GSA Regional Administrator, Sue Damour and GSA’s Regional Fine Arts Officer, Janet Paladino negotiated an art loan from the CSFAC. The two art enthusiasts selected several works for the possible loan. Next, Damour and Paladino met with the U.S. Courts and got approval for the artwork to go into the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse; where the majority of pieces are located.

GSA worked up a loan agreement that the CSFAC agreed to. GSA paid for the transport and installation of the works in return for getting a long term loan of original art.  A real win-win. The initial loan period is for two years with continuing two- year renewal periods.

The 13 works are located in the following federal buildings:
Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse
Byron Rogers Federal Building
U.S. Custom House
Denver Federal Center, Building 810

For a minimal investment by GSA, we now have original artworks in our public spaces including notable artists as Dale Chihuly, Merril Mahffaey, and Jeremy Hillhouse. The loan also creates positive exposure for the CSFAC in a prominent Denver area. Artworks that were in storage are now in public view.

Chief Judge Kreiger stated: "Looks great. I strolled around yesterday and was so impressed!  The walls on each floor act as wonderful "canvas" for the art. Additionally, CSFAC Director, Blake Milteer said he so pleased and very enthusiastic about the long-term relationship.

Last Reviewed 2017-01-20