DFC Land Disposal Process and Updates

GSA is in the process of disposing 59 acres of undeveloped land located at West 6th Avenue between Union Boulevard and Kipling, on the northwest corner of the DFC. In past years, GSA has disposed of unneeded DFC land, including the land for St. Anthony Hospital and RTD light rail and bus intermodal facility.

The disposal process will take almost an entire year to complete. The first step in the GSA disposal process is to give other federal agencies an opportunity to use the land. If there is no further need for the property within the federal government, the property may be offered to eligible tax supported public entities such as state and local governments.. Lastly, the land is offered via public auction if no public body entities have an acceptable interest.

At this time, GSA is halfway through the disposal process on this particular project. The original plan to offer the parcel as an exchange for construction of a new building on the federal center is no longer being pursued. GSA is currently exploring other options for those agencies impacted who were to be housed in the new building. The 59 acres of land will now be sold at public auction in the summer of 2017. The estimated time to convey title will be August/September 2017.

The 59-acres are zoned for Mixed-Use Core Transit (M-C-T). According to the City of Lakewood’s definition of M-C-T, it is intended for development in areas adjacent to light rail stations. The M-C-T must be pedestrian-oriented environment, with auto-oriented elements being restricted by specific design requirements.

Last Reviewed 2016-11-09