Mass Communication Notification System

The DFC will implement a new mass communication notification system soon.

The mass communication notification system will utilize the same technology that is found on college and university campuses, and by local and federal law enforcement. The system will be utilized within the entire GSA Region 8. The primary purpose of this mass communication system is to alert people within a certain area of an active emergency situation. Another purpose for this system will be to alert individuals about inclement weather delays, or about non-emergency situations that might be disrupting your place of work; such as power outages to a building.

Federal and contract employees will have the option to sign up to receive notifications through their cell phone devices. Though, in certain situations the dispatcher of the notification has the ability to send a notification to all cell phones within a delineated area, whether or not if they have signed up for the program.

This will be a new system that GSA is providing to Region 8, and is not available just yet. More information on how to sign up and general information about the system is forthcoming.


Last Reviewed 2016-11-10