OASIS Program Office & Overview

OASIS - Program Office

Alexandra Rouse, Professional Services Program Executive

Sheila Morrison, Contracting Operations Division Director (OASIS)

Todd Richards, OASIS Program Manager

Valerie Bindel, OASIS SB Contracting Officer

Tommy Thomas, OASIS Contracting Officer

Catherine (Cat) Renfro, Contract Specialist

Undria Carroll, Contract Specialist 

Larry Mathias, IT Liaison

Debra Drake, Program Management Office

Karla Qawar, Program Management Office

OASIS—Program Overview

What is OASIS?

  • One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services;
  • Governmentwide, multiple-award contracts; and;
  • Complex, integrated professional services for total solutions to agency needs:
    • Engineering (Non-Brooks Act);
    • Scientific Services;
    • Financial Services;
    • Logistics;
    • Program Management; and
    • Management Consulting.

What do we mean by complex?

  • Requirements that span many areas of expertise and mission spaces;
  • Requirements that contain multiple disciplines;
  • Requirements that contain significant IT components, but are not IT requirements in and of themselves;
  • Requirements that contain Other Direct Costs (ODCs);
  • Requirements that need to be performed on a cost reimbursement basis; or
  • Some blend of all of the above.

OASIS allows

  • Commercial and non-commercial services;
  • CONUS and OCONUS requirements;
  • Classified and unclassified services;
  • Ancillary Support necessary to deliver a total solution such as labor, materials, and ODCs; or
  • Hybrid of any of the above.

Two ways to access OASIS

  • Direct Acquisition: GSA issues a Delegation of Procurement Authority to the customer agency Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) who performs the acquisition; or
  • Assisted Acquisition: GSA performs the acquisition on behalf of the customer agency and provides post-award support, as negotiated with the customer. An Inter-Agency Agreement is required.

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Last Reviewed 2017-01-31