Broker Services - GSA Leasing Support Services (GLS)


GLS Fact Sheet

Improvements Made To Program Based On Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Feedback GSA Solution
Demonstrate Cost Savings
  • Rental Rate: Included new incentives based on lease cost and market performance. 
  • Personnel: Realigned internal staffing structure to eliminate workload redundancy and use fewer GSA resources on GLS projects.
Reduce Administrative Burdens, Create Consistency Among Regions
  • Streamlined ordering procedures, reduced reporting and evaluation requirements, defined consistent regional staffing.
Increase Contract Flexibility, Expand Contract Scope
  • Added menu of services that includes pre and post award work. 
  • Expanded scope of broker responsibilities to mirror GSA leasing specialists. 
  • Added strategic planning, including the identification of soft-term lease opportunities.
Increase Opportunities for Small Business
  • Expanded zonal structure from four to nine awards and made requirements less restrictive, enabling smaller firms to be competitive for prime awards. 
  • Restructured source selection criteria to consider small business participation.
Increase Utilization of Contract; Use Contract to Decrease Holdovers and Extensions
  • Developed a utilization strategy based on portfolio needs and workload planning. 
  • Incorporated contract utilization into the GSA/PBS Strategic Blueprint and Performance Plans. 
  • Instituted a new staffing structure that uses less GSA in-house resources on broker projects.


Last Reviewed 2017-03-24