Local Energy Initiatives Saves Millions at Federal Facilities

Local Energy Initiatives Saves Millions at Federal Facilities
GSA scores a better deal on energy costs for New York federal buildings


June 21, 2012

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Today, the U.S. General Services Administration announced $7.5 million in cost savings in federal facilities in New York State by buying power through reverse energy auctions with energy companies. Through this initiative, GSA expects to save taxpayer dollars and pay lower energy costs in buildings in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, New York City, and six border stations along the U.S.-Canadian border. 

Reverse auctions allow GSA to have energy companies bid for the lowest price for providing power to federal buildings. GSA has recently awarded two-year term contracts through these auctions to several energy companies, with new energy rates starting in 2013. 

“Reverse energy auctions are another example of how GSA saves taxpayers dollars," said Denise L. Pease, Regional Administrator of GSA’s Northeast and Caribbean region. “Through this initiative, we will get the best rates and save millions in energy costs at federal facilities throughout New York State.” 

Here are the projected savings of the recently awarded contracts:

  • In Albany, the Leo W. O’Brien Federal Building will realize electric savings of $302,729.
  • In Buffalo, the Michael J. Dillon U.S. Courthouse will realize electric savings of $115,892. GSA also awarded a contract for the electricity use of federal agencies at 138 Delaware Avenue, where GSA leases space for its client agencies. Electric savings at federal accounts at this location over the two-year term of the contract will amount to $189,930.
  • In Syracuse, the James M. Hanley Federal Building will realize electric savings of $510,224.
  • In New York City, five lower Manhattan federal buildings will realize electric savings of more than $6,011,352.
  • Six GSA-managed border stations across the U.S.- Canada border will collectively realize electric savings of $199,022.
  • Additional GSA facilities throughout New York will total over $200,000 in savings through Reverse energy auctions.

GSA also manages reverse energy auctions for other federal agencies so that they can get the best rates on electricity. 

In addition to the reverse auctions for energy costs, GSA is also participating in load shedding and demand response programs throughout New York that are easing its impact on the local power grid and saving energy by reducing electricity usage in federal buildings. GSA’s participation in these programs in New York will return $442,980 in energy rebates this summer, which will be used to fund additional water and energy saving projects.


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