TARPS is the acronym for GSA’s Transportation Accounts Receivable, Payable System. It is a web-based application that is used to manage transportation service providers’ (TSPs) funds and update balances owed to and by TSPs.
The super user (main TSP point of contact) name, contact phone number, email address, and the SCAC(s) that the TSP will be entering protests under in TARPS.
We have two (2) userID roles in our system for the TSPs—Super User and Sub User. The Super User is the main point of contact for the SCAC. The Super User can create and delete sub users as well as create and delete additional super users. Similar to being the supervisor of any sub user under the particular SCAC(s).
We have decided to go the 'SCAC' route. So, for the person you are trying to add, their user ID would be MDXD01; if there is another, their user ID would be MDXD02, etc. We agreed that this would be the best way for us to distinguish government users versus TSPs.
Yes, your super user will be able to assign userIDs for other users at your company.
TSPs can use TARPS to log overcharge protests and check on the status of protests filed with GSA’s Transportation Audits Division (QMCA). Some of the benefits include:
  • Allows vendors to submit and track protests and claims online, improving accuracy, accelerating resolution, and minimizing research/follow-up which ultimately ensures stability in vendor financial statements and potentially lowers GSA’s cost of doing business;
  • Decreases the need for postal communication and paper records;
  • Improves records management for dispute resolution and litigation, eliminating the costs associated with storing, tracking/tracing, recovering or reconstructing records;
  • Quicker resolution of protest issues; and
  • Save money by eliminating paper and mailing costs.
As far as the main menu options, you only have authorization for the following:
  • Management Information;
  • Protest Account Management;
  • Change User Password; and
  • System Support/Data Administration
No. You will have the ability to see the information that is on the Notice regarding the specific overcharge; however, you will not be able to see a soft copy of the actual Notice of Overcharge.
No. In order to maintain access control and keep our system secure, we are only allowing TSPs who have received a Notice of Overcharge from GSA access to TARPS to log in their protests.
Yes, GSA’s Accounts section will still send out the hard copy Notices of Overcharge.
You must send a check into GSA Audits within 30 days from when the NOC is issued, or you may protest the overcharge. Do not enter a negative e-bill into Syncada as that will return the money to the shipper, not GSA, and therefore you will still be liable to pay the funds to GSA.
That is one of the key reasons for the implementation of this module. We are giving TSPs the ability to log in their own protests and the capability of providing backup documentation by email.
Backup documentation must be received within 48 hours of logging protest.
TSP's are encouraged to submit their protests via email to:
You can contact Monique Duncan at (703) 605-2881or at monique.duncan@gsa.gov.
Last Reviewed 2017-06-07