Travel Knowledge

Below find a sample quiz question and answer from the Travel Basics online class:

I am going to a conference and training will be offered. What should I select as the trip purpose identifier?

A.) Conference - Other Than Training 

B.) Employee Emergency

C.) Mission (Operational)

D.) Special Agency Mission

E.) Training


The best answer is A.) Conference - other than training. 



"Conference - Other Than Training" should be selected as the travel trip purpose identifier even though a trip may appear to have multiple purposes. Sometimes the difference between conference and training may be difficult to determine. A recent trend at many agencies has been to use "conference" whenever a traveler attends a conference, regardless of whether training was included or not, since agencies are often requested to report conference attendance. Check your agency's rules for using the trip purpose identifier to determine if this is the correct choice for your agency.

Last Reviewed 2017-04-25