Request an OASIS Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA)

DPA training is mandatory for Ordering Contracting Officers (OCO). DPA training is provided to 1102 (contracting) personnel only and only warranted Contracting Officers are eligible to receive a DPA.

Other training is available for Program Managers, Contracting Officers Representatives, and other program personnel. However, they will not be eligible for a DPA.

To get started, use the OASIS Training Request Form (a single DPA will be issued for both OASIS and OASIS SB).

After requesting a DPA

  • GSA will review your training request, and if approved, will schedule training;
  • Once training is complete, issue the Delegation of Procurement Authority;
  • You should receive delegation confirmation within two to five business days from completion of training, and
  • After receiving your DPA, you will be able to issue task orders. The DPA will clearly define the roles and responsibilities between the GSA CO and the OCO.

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Last Reviewed 2016-11-18