GSA’s AAAP E-Commerce Platform Introduced to New York City Real Estate Market

News Release
Northeast and Caribbean Region

September 19 , 2013

GSA’s AAAP E-Commerce Platform Introduced to New York City Real Estate Market

NEW YORK CITY – The U.S. General Services Administration today announced plans to initiate use of its Automated Advanced Acquisition Program, an e-commerce platform that helps drive savings to taxpayers by improving federal leasing efficiency, in the New York real estate market.  GSA introduced AAAP at a special Industry Day this afternoon at 26 Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan. The event attracted local realtors, brokers, lessors and building managers interested in leasing space to the federal government.

“Through AAAP, GSA is able to leverage technology to obtain the best in rental rates for lease space,” said Denise L. Pease, GSA regional administrator for the Northeast and Caribbean Region. “This helps us meet our goal of delivering lease space as quickly as possible to other federal agencies, while ultimately delivering savings to taxpayers.”

AAAP is one of several procurement platforms GSA uses to lease office space in metropolitan areas, and is currently in use in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago and New York. It consolidates and streamlines the leasing process, not only improving customer satisfaction, but also increasing the ease of doing business with the federal government.  The program reduces the costs related to the acquisition of real property lease assets, improves the supply and pricing of space offered to the government, and improves customer satisfaction by delivering space more quickly and efficiently.  

By incorporating cutting-edge Geographic Information System technology, AAAP reduces the offer submission and evaluation time from weeks to seconds.  It helps businesses interact efficiently and effectively with the federal government, and provides one-stop online access to information.  In expanding electronic government, the AAAP has advanced the goals of GSA by establishing itself as the first e-commerce leasing application in the federal government.  

The program is effective for managing a large volume of smaller leases and has evolved into a multiple award platform that handles general office space requirements ranging from 2,000 square feet up to approximately 60,000 square feet.

The Automated Advanced Acquisition Program is one of many e-commerce initiatives that help support the government’s efforts to operate more efficiently and effectively, and save taxpayer dollars.  Learn more about AAAP at GSA’s website.  


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