Advisory Committee Task Groups

Background: The Green Building Advisory Committee currently has two task groups developing proposals to be presented to the full committee:

  • The Energy Use Intensity task group is developing recommendations based on a member’s motion to “develop guidelines for creating a new energy intensity metric that factors energy use intensity and passenger miles traveled by employees to more accurately indicate how densified facilities, centrally located workplace sites that reduce overall commuting, and expansion of telework and hoteling result in overall lower energy use per hour worked.”
  • The Green Leasing task group is crafting recommendations based on a member’s motion “to improve Federal government leasing language and requirements regarding…sustainability goals.”

These groups are holding conference calls to advance their work prior to the Fall 2016 meeting of the Advisory Committee. For more information, please see June 1, 2016 Federal Register notice and additional draft Task Group documents below:

FR Notice June 1, 2016 - Summer TG Calls [PDF - 195.00 KB]

EUI TG presentation to GBAC April 28, 2016 [PDF - 585.32 KB]

GLTG presentation April, 28, 2016 [PDF - 932.21 KB]

EUI proposal for October 28, 2015 GBAC Mtg [PDF - 511.18 KB]


Last Reviewed 2016-09-06