Security Services

GSA networx security services' objective is to take a proactive approach to preserve the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of the agency's information.


Anti-Virus Management Service (AVMS)

AVMS enables agencies to detect and remove viruses by scanning agency systems and traffic for patterns, activities, and behaviors that may signal the presence of malicious code.
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Managed Tiered Security (MTSS)

Through MTSS, GSA provides government users with four levels of security solutions (tiers) that can be customized to individual users based on their needs to protect sensitive information.
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Incident Response Services (INRS)

INRS is a security service that allows agencies to combat cyber attacks and crime. It helps agencies respond to potential malicious attacks that can lead to service disruptions.
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Managed Firewall Services (MFS)

Used to secure internal agency networks, MFS allows agencies to mitigate the increasing network security risks they face. The service is one of the security tools that will help reduce service disruptions caused by malicious access, and prevent unauthorized access to or from private networks, such as Local Area Networks (LANs).
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Managed E-Authentication Service (MEAS)

MEAS enables an individual to remotely authenticate his or her identity to an agency's Information Technology (IT) system. The service validates and verifies users via tokens and certificates.
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Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS)

IDPS serves as a component of an agency's security infrastructure by providing an extra layer of protection for its internal networks. The service monitors and identifies potential security threats, and helps reduce network service disruptions caused by malicious attacks.
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Vulnerability Scanning Services (VSS)

VSS allows agencies to effectively and proactively assess critical networking environments, and correct vulnerabilities before they are exploited. VSS searches for security holes, flaws, and exploits on agency systems, networks, and applications.
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Secure Managed Email Service (SMEMS)

SMEMS proactively scans and monitors email traffic at the contractor's security platform before it enters the agency's network.
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Last Reviewed 2017-03-08