Fallon Federal Building Continues to Serve Federal Agencies After 50 Years

The George H. Fallon Federal Building in Baltimore, Maryland, will reach 50 years of age in 2017 and GSA has determined that it is historically significant to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Completed in 1967, the Fallon Federal Building houses several federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Internal Revenue Service. Even at 50, Fallon continues to provide federal agencies with the space they need to meet their agency missions and serve their customers in an evolving workplace environment.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently had a need to reduce their office space in the Fallon Federal Building, due in part to increasing virtual operations. Using National Workplace Design Standards, GSA and IRS worked together to reconfigure and reduce the IRS’s square footage in the federally owned space, achieving IRS rent and square footage savings above and beyond their original targets. Exploring creative cost reduction methods, the project cost $136,000 less than originally planned. IRS achieved 109% in rent savings, 108% in space reduction, and 98% of overall utilization rate reduction targets. IRS staff is now more efficiently co-located within the Fallon Building. Since this project freed up space in Fallon, GSA was able to move six other agencies from leased space into the federally owned facility. These agencies moving into the Fallon Building will also be able to downsize in the process, further reducing the federal footprint.

The project was the first GSA project in the Mid-Atlantic Region accomplished using consolidation funds--a unique project funding opportunity for federal agencies aiming to shrink the federal footprint and reduce rental payments and utility costs. While consolidating projects like these afford the government opportunities to reduce rental payments and utility costs, shrinking the federal footprint requires effective long-term planning and coordination. In FY 2014 and 2015, GSA allocated $140 million to 22 agencies for 45 projects. These consolidation projects reduced the federal inventory by nearly 1.1 million usable square feet, producing over $36 million in annual rent savings.

George H. Fallon Federal Building Facts:

  • The George H. Fallon Federal Building was designed in the International Style by the Baltimore firm of Fisher, Nes, Campbell and Associates with the firms of Fenton and Lichtig, and James R. Edmunds, Jr, also of Baltimore, acting as associate architects.

  • The steel framed, 18-story building with a granite-clad façade occupies 2.5 acres of land in Baltimore’s Central Business District.

  • The facility features two significant works of art which were commissioned as part of GSA’s Art in Architecture program: “Swing Over” by artist Alice Aycock, a large metal sculpture outside of the building; and “Dress Code” by Jean Shin, a large mixed media mural on the wall in the lobby.

  • The building is considered the southern anchor of Charles Center, Baltimore’s nationally-recognized urban renewal project that was initiated in 1954.

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Last Reviewed 2017-01-18