Developing and Growing Our Project Management Expertise

GSA project managers lead integrated project teams, develop requirements, and oversee budgeting and governance processes, all of which are critical to ensuring our clients’ needs are met and expected outcomes achieved. At GSA, we take pride in having trained, skilled, experienced project managers to lead our project teams, and invest in their continuous development through Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM).  GSA Project Manager Steve Grisi and Realty Specialist Joe Beck are two of our professionals most recently achieving Senior-level FAC-P/PM certification.

The FAC-P/PM Program, available through the Federal Acquisition Institute, is designed for acquisition professionals in the federal government performing program and project management activities and functions, which include developing accurate government requirements, defining measurable performance standards, and managing life-cycle activities to ensure that intended outcomes are achieved.  The training program is built on competencies that refer to the knowledge, skills and abilities Program and Project Managers must have in order to perform their program and project manager’s duties.

Senior-level FAC-P/PM required training focuses on progressive concepts in business, program management, cost and financial management, contracting strategies and leadership. In addition to meeting all training requirements, Senior-level program and project managers such as Steve and Joe are required to have four years of program and/or project management experience, including a minimum of one year of experience on federal programs and/or projects within the last 10 years. They also required to complete 80 hours of related continuous learning every two years to maintain certification.

This investment is indicative of our ongoing commitment to maintaining highly-qualified project management professionals who will deliver on your requirements.

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Last Reviewed 2017-07-20