East Philadelphia Field Office's Tom Rufo Earns BOMI Designation

Tom Rufo, Operations Manager at our East Philadelphia Field Office, recently earned a Facilities Management Administrator Designation from Building Owners and Management Institute (BOMI) International. Training leading to the Designation teaches facilities management professionals how to manage facilities in a way that best supports staff and fits into an organization’s overall objectives.

From planning and project management to environmental health and worker safety, the program provides the information needed to minimize maintenance costs and properly manage other timely issues. The education helps those responsible to ensure a facility runs smoothly, teaching them to create a safe and productive workplace for a company by taking care of tenant issues such as comfort, safety, daily operations, and maintenance. This designation is ideal for those who manage a facility from the user’s perspective, either as a tenant or an owner of the facility, where they are responsible for the care, comfort, and productivity of their employees by maintaining building systems, technology, furniture systems, and daily maintenance.

Tom has been a property manager with GSA for nine years.  

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Last Reviewed 2017-01-18