Assisting Agencies with Personal Property Disposal

It’s summertime, which means the end of the fiscal year is almost here. For some agencies, this means finishing last minute projects and updating old furniture, systems and fleets - but what becomes of the old? GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management assists federal agencies with disposing of personal property that is no longer needed. Regardless of the quantity, condition or type of property, GSA is here to help.

For property with commercial value, GSA can work with your agency to extend its useful life by transferring it to other federal agencies through GSAXcess, donating it to approved organizations through the Surplus Donation Program, or selling it to the general public through GSA Auctions. We can also customize disposal solutions to fit any disposal project, such as on-site or virtual screenings for large agency moves.

Trying to get the most out of your end of year purchases? No problem. GSA can sell certain types of property through the Exchange Sale (E/S) program, which allows agencies to sell replacement property and reinvest the proceeds toward a similar item. As the Center of Expertise for animals and certain vessels, we’ve helped agencies nationwide boost their budget through E/S. We will even help you identify exchange sale items and walk you through the entire process!

For property with no commercial value, GSA can guide agencies through the process to correctly Abandon and Destroy such property and can assist agencies with finding certified recycling vendors to properly and safely dispose of federal electronic assets as set forth in the Federal Management Regulations (FMR) Bulletin B-34 (this link will download a PDF file).

No matter what the situation, GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management is here to assist with all of your disposal needs! You can read more about our program by checking out the Personal Property Disposal Guide (this link will download a PDF file). Contact your local Area Property Officer or Christina Shaw, 215-446-5083 for further information or assistance.

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Last Reviewed 2017-07-19