$3 Million Saved Through Increased Efficiency in Custodial Contracts

Our Regional Acquisition Management Division and Facilities Management Division established a team to explore ways to increase efficiency within our custodial contracts. The result is reduced operating costs in nearly 50 Regional federal buildings and $3 million in savings to date across 40 custodial contracts.  

A specialized contracting group with a deep understanding of market conditions, service contract regulations, and GSA’s financial management and cost accounting principles reviewed each custodial contract in the Region’s federally-owned inventory. They looked for ways to increase efficiency while maintaining the same level of service for our federal tenants. The team worked closely with Ability One, the largest source of employment for people with disabilities; contractors; and GSA Field Office representatives to realize all cost saving opportunities.

GSA Acquisition Management maximizes the purchasing power of the Public Buildings Service to deliver the best value to the federal government. This is accomplished through business intelligence, knowledge of industry and vendor offerings, and sound acquisition policy.

GSA Facilities Management provides program management support and guidance to GSA property managers in an effort to provide a safe, healthy, effective and efficient work environment for our federal clients.

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Last Reviewed 2017-01-18