Find the Print Management Tools You Need on the Acquisition Gateway

The Acquisition Gateway is your agency’s one source for print management tools and information.  Everything you need to manage your print needs is located in the Office Management Hallway of the Acquisition Gateway:

The Multifunction Device (MFD) Buying Guide and Visualization Tool
MFD procurements can be confusing, challenging and costly without a clear understanding of the various MFD cost components and selection criteria. Your selection of the most appropriate devices, accessories and maintenance plans is critical to achieving maximum effectiveness and efficiencies. The MFD Buyers Guide provides a clear 7-step process that will guide you through the MFD cost components. You will appreciate the ease of using the MFD Buying Guide and its handy visualization tool which offers an easy-to-follow visual depiction helping you understand your choices. Together, these tools give you the fundamental understanding and confidence you need to navigate the procurement of your MFDs.  

Purchasing Imaging Equipment? The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Includes Energy
When researching imaging equipment and related peripherals, purchasers should consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the full system, not just the hardware purchase price. In many cases, the purchase price may not be the largest element of TCO.

Leasing vs Buying: Making Sense of Copier Leasing Terms and Conditions
When acquiring copiers and printers, understanding leasing terms and conditions is extremely important. To make this process easier for you, GSA has developed How-to Execute a Copier Lease on Schedule 36. This guide offers expert advice that will help you make informed decisions when leasing or buying your agency’s equipment.

Agency-Wide Print Reduction Policies: Save Money by Reducing Print Costs
The savings that result from changes in printing behavior, in addition to other cost cutting programs, can aggregately accumulate into significant cost savings for agencies. Four general areas impact printing costs:

  • page volume
  • number of print devices
  • consumables
  • labor and back-end architecture

An effective output management solution addresses these four costs at the enterprise level and supports compliance with government directives.

GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule 36 for Office Imaging and Document Solutions
When you are ready to buy, GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule 36 is a source for your agency’s print management needs and can be found in the Acquisition Gateway’s Solutions Finder.   

The following information will help anyone new to the Acquisition Gateway. The Acquisition Gateway authenticates first time users via the OMB MAX Federal Community. Here’s how:  

If you have never registered at
Go to and click on Register Now and follow the instructions on the site. With that, you are now ready to sign onto the Acquisition Gateway and confirm you are a Federal Government User.
If you have previously registered at
Go directly to the Acquisition Gateway, read the Rules of Behavior, and click on Federal Government Users to Sign-in.

For more information on these tools or for assistance locating them on the Acquisition Gateway, contact Kristine Stein, 215-446-4897.

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Last Reviewed 2017-01-18