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GSA’s Sustainability Plan Calls for 30 Percent Reduction of GHG Emissions

Agency releases aggressive plan on heels of kickoff to green the federal supply chain.


September 9, 2010
Contact: Sahar Wali, 202-577-3559

WASHINGTON – Today, as part of meeting requirements under President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13514, agencies across the federal government released sustainability performance plans specifying the steps they will take to lower their agency’s greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. General Services Administration, a lead agency in two major initiatives under the executive order, declared its long-term goal of reaching a zero environmental footprint and released aggressive greenhouse gas reduction measures, laying out how the agency will reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020. As part of its leadership under Section 13 of the executive order, GSA recently kicked off its cross-agency efforts to green the federal supply chain.

“As the workplace solutions provider for the federal government, GSA is uniquely positioned to deliver significant, systemic decreases in greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating our own environmental impact while using our governmentwide scope to influence reductions across government,” said GSA Administrator Martha N. Johnson. “What we are seeing, for the first time in federal government, is a coordinated approach that brings all of the relevant players to the table, and with our own plan, we have set forth a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects where we can make a real difference.”

To reach the agency’s 30 percent reduction goal, GSA’s sustainability plan commits to reducing energy consumption in federal buildings by one-third, increasing renewable energy generation and reducing fleet petroleum consumption by 30 percent, reducing emissions from employee commuting and business travel by 25 percent, and diverting at least half of GSA’s nonhazardous waste from landfills. The plan also lays out GSA’s targets and programs to achieve other environmental performance goals under EO 13514 including development of a greenhouse gas inventory for tracking, local ecosystem consideration in local and regional planning, water conservation and management, and electronics and data center stewardship.

The plan also highlights GSA’s initiative under Section 13 of President Obama’s Executive Order 13514 to green the federal government’s supply chain. Over the next two years, GSA is looking to find ways to incentivize – not require – companies to measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions and initiate a process by which contracting advantages could be given to companies that conduct greenhouse gas inventories. Recognizing the challenges that small businesses may face inventorying their greenhouse gas emissions, GSA is in the process of establishing a pilot program to gather feedback and insight from industry on best practices, challenges, and advantages realized through greenhouse gas reporting initiatives.

“GSA is one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the world. We buy more than 12 million products and services from more than 18,000 vendors, and by undertaking ways to reduce our emissions from indirect sources, such as the federal supply chain, GSA can leverage our influence to foster greenhouse gas reductions across government that are going to matter,” said GSA Senior Sustainability Officer Steve Leeds.

To view GSA’s sustainability plan, visit Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation Plans.

Download a PDF version of this plan (1.0 MB).


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