Binational delegation reviews construction progress at Mariposa LPOE

By Javier Fernandez

A binational delegation of U.S. and Mexican federal government agencies met late last year at the Mariposa Land Port of Entry (LPOE) in Nogales, Arizona to report on the construction progress of their respective projects. GSA’s project team briefed the delegation on the project and new improvements to the port, which include six additional northbound privately owned vehicle (POV) booths, northbound commercial secondary inspection docks, pedestrian processing facility, and outbound inspection booths, as well as northbound and southbound pedestrian walkways.

After the meeting, the delegates toured the new inspection dock, administrative office space, new pedestrian walkway and pedestrian processing area. The tour showcased the project’s design, sustainability features, and two Art in Architecture installations.

“These binational meetings truly exemplify the close collaboration between all the stakeholders in the planning and execution of their respective projects,” said Javier Fernandez, GSA Communications Specialist for the Land Ports of Entry program. “Once complete, the port’s increased capacity and efficiency is expected to have a direct and significant impact on the local economy and job creation in the area.”

Originally constructed in 1973, the port served primarily as a commercial traffic inspection facility for agricultural products. Since then, the port has become one of the Pacific Rim Region’s busiest ports and has grown to include northbound POV and pedestrian processing functions. Currently, the port is undergoing a $187 million Recovery Act funded renovation and modernization, and work is now underway on the final phase of the project targeted for completion in August 2014.

Representatives from GSA, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of State, International Boundary and Water Commission, Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, and Secretariat of Communications and Transportation attended the meeting.

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Last Reviewed 2017-06-29