GSA Launches as Public Information Resource

September 21, 2010

GSA’s newest web portal,, serves as a vast resource where the general public can access real-time information from the government on a wide range of topics and sign-up to have updates delivered to their computer desktop, smart phone, or other device.

“Whether it be food safety recalls, weather warnings, or the latest information on government initiatives, the public’s need for information from their government continues to grow,” said David McClure, Associate Administrator of GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies. “By putting real-time notifications at citizens’ fingertips or in the palm of their hand, we have created a way for agencies to provide critical information that citizens want in ways that they want it.” allows visitors to search by topic and sign-up to have updates delivered to their computers, smart phones or other devices via email, text message, or RSS feed. The dashboard already includes more than 7,000 updates covering 6,200 topics from across 144 federal agencies and offices.

The new menu is a component of, a GSA administered website that is the federal government’s official one-stop gateway to information from federal, state, and local governments.’s recently upgraded search function enables users to get the information they desire more efficiently.

For instance, if a visitor wants to learn more about the government’s response during hurricane season they can simply type the word “hurricane” in the search box and will quickly be directed to a page containing relevant information and links from a variety of agencies.  

McClure noted that the public’s desire for information from the government continues to grow, and as the ability to quickly access such information has exploded through new media, social networking, and high-tech gadgetry, the need for a platform like has never been greater.

“GSA continues to identify and implement ways to help agencies across government provide critical information to citizens in ways they want to receive it,” McClure said.

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